Saturday, April 5, 2008

16 days

That's not a good amount of time to go without posting, but Tiff just mentioned to me that Blogger was working again so whoopety doo, here we are.
You know I work as a copy editor but is there a book or something that has standard spellings for 'whoopety doo' and 'kablooey'? These are things I should know.
Okayyyyy news news news we've only got 13 weekends left in Beijing, this is freaky to me as I spend my Sundays at home playing video games and taking in tutoring that I'm not even sure I'll get paid for.
On the plus side Mass Effect is amazing and I know how to use gamefaqs so the total lack of a primer seems less important.
Video video let's have a look:
oh here we go
Sara's a little hypnotized by the cherry blossoms about. They're the first flowers in Beijing, and the way they spring from a leafless tree is just about right for plant life here. It's cold, it's dry, it's dusty. All plant life is tended, any bare patch of earth stays grubby and lifeless. It's the dessert, what do you want?

But in every courtyard, on every street border, ornamental cherries are bursting open. There is life in the dessert

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Anonymous said...

Back in Portland, too, the trees have blossomed.
It's cold and wet this year, so it seems a little sad that their perfume is drowned in the rain.

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