Friday, March 21, 2008

The Good Things

10) I can play mass effect whenever I want
09) I make a lot of money
08) Devin's coming to visit
07) I can buy pineapples for a dollar, and a bunch of bananas for two
06) I've been hitting the gym
05) I've got a working mp3 player, computer, and phone (okay the phone doesn't always transit my voice and when it does it sounds like I'm reporting from a hurricane, but it still sends text messages)
04) Several people will answer the phone when we call them and then answer yes when we suggest hanging out
03) I'm learning chinese
02) When I go to teach a classroom of third graders I forget every worry, every ache, every doubt. I'm in another place, I'm playing games, making jokes, and getting little kids to laugh and scream and whisper. I'm losing my voice from the yelling and hurting my knees with the jumping and I wouldn't change it for the world
01) Every morning, and every evening, and in the afternoon when we take a taxi together, she's always glad to see me.


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Aw, you ARE a sweetness!

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