Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Linglong park

So about five blocks from our house, there's this park, Linglong park. Right now it's a little weird getting to it because the big set of stairs and entryway from the canal street is under construction (wish I'd photographed that.....) so the only way to get there is by going through a little hutong maze where people keep geese. Okay I guess that's pretty neat too. It's a little bit different from parks in the states, there isnt any grass to walk on. There's grass but it's all behind low fences. The main vegetation is shady trees. In a lot of other ways, though, it's just like the states. There are little pavilions where people watch their kids run around, and it's generally a place for people to come who aren't in a hurry. Also when we came there were some nerds out playing musical instruments, which was really nice.
The whole place is centered around this pagoda, which you couldn't go in to but provides a landmark wherever you are in our neighborhood.

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I want to go THERE!

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