Friday, October 5, 2007


two highly professional videos for you today on the subject of beverages and their slight differences from back home.

Oh and please leave a comment about how the video is working.


Anonymous said...

Ah-- FINALLY a little view of the apartment!
Tile walls!
I didn't know you drank Coke, old boy!
Please talk to me soon!--
We are going to the best dim sum in the area tomorrow... thinking of you

zacharyr said...


1) Are you wearing a t-shirt?
2) Mis cool withy guess is that the bottle headspace comes from the evolution of glass bottles. Maybe America got comfortable with the plastic bottle a few years earlier than China and so made the transition to capsule-like plastic bottles that are foreign to their glass ancestors?
3) I just found this blog. I was wondering if you had gotten something like this going.
4) More to come in an e-mail.

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