Monday, June 30, 2008

Goodbye Goodbye

You can reach me at my mothers, that's
five oh three 2 four zero 4 nine nine 2
Eighteen14 N. Alberta St
Portland, Or

Beijing year, you ended in ten months, so that was weird.


jurn sun leung said...

We moved to Willamette View recently from southern California, and your father took me along for a very nice bicycle ride on the Springwater Corridor last Saturday. I hear that you came back from Beijing right before the Olympics. I have a few questions. (1) What is the mood of Beijing residents, are they happy and content in general about their life? (2) How is the relation between the general population and the government and police? (3) What are the things that most concern the youths in Beijing?
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Toby, I went to Beijing for half a year and disliked the toilets & the communist censorship so much I had to fly back to Hong kong every other month to stay sane! I also totally got sick of the farce where they pretend to tourists one thing about the country and if you can speak & read the language (like moi) you see the reality of how people are forced to make ridiculous compromise in their lives and expects to have no freedom in life..I'd not go back there again too soon even though I have loyal fans & friends there! Cecilia

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