Thursday, April 10, 2008

16 colors, 320x480

man, I tell you, old computers are going to come back hard core at some point. I'm writing this on a computer at my Korean-run Chinese language school running XP with an "unspecified error" locking it into a low-res display.

Gmail works surprisingly well in this mode, though blogger's text editor doesn't scale quite so intuitively.

Hanyway, personal political reactions have been taking up a lot of my thought in the last few days, but I can understand that such cogitations aren't too fascinating to the general public, or even the specific public that reads this.

Other news:

1) I stopped chalking and talking. Now I throw Powerpoint into edit mode, close all the tool bars, and type while the students respond to discussion questions. Not only is it effective, but since they have to select characters chinese people can't look up from their keyboards as they type, so my students find it really unnerving.

2) I'm teaching one of my classes to sing "robot parade" It's gonna be video-taped for the parents.

3) Last class everybody asked me (in chinese) if I loved cola, because on this my second class I had once again brought a bottle of diet coke.

4) I'm switching to tea, a fat guy drinking diet soda is just too evocative an image.

5) why the motherfuck is the subway so fucking hot? sweat's running down everybody's face, the air outside is perfect, can't we just run the AC a little bit and make it not like an effing furnace.

6) subbing "well" for "very" sounds lovely

7) more than one thing about Wigan Pier rang true for me, not the least is his breif characterization as life as an "lower-upper-middle-class" fellow living in british colony, letting his sense of self-worth swell beyond all bounds.

9) lilacs are blooming everywhere they've been planted and assiduously watered and protected from the wind.

10) We've adopted a dog in our apartment block and named him buttons. I haven't touched him yet but I see him around all the time and say "hello buttons!"

11) Cricket died, in the grand scheme of things it is a small tragedy, it happened on Monday

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