Friday, February 15, 2008

a tie with skulls on it: the negotiation

intended for 5th generation punks in some faraway corner of the world, it showed up in polyester knockoff glory on the sidewalk by the place where I take Chinese lessons.
"how much for this one?"
"18 RMB"
"10 RMB"
"Okay how about 16"
"what about 10 RMB, okay?"
"Do you even understand any numbers besides 10? 13 RMB"
"I understand 10 and 3, but what about 10 RMB"
"I can't possibly take 10"
"here is 10 RMB"

sometimes this gets a little tiring, but then I just remind myself that there's no tipping here.

also somebody at the next cart had "who moved my cheese?" for 10 kwai, but I didn't buy it.

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