Thursday, February 28, 2008

Everybody's Looking

We're all supposed to be doing something with our lives, right? Everybody I know is trying to figure out what they're supposed to be doing with all this stuff. They've got money, time, intelligence, and all the food they can eat, and they're trying to work out what to do with it all.

My bag, that same one you've all seen with the raven on it, is not at all the right shape to carry a shoe. Even if I didn't have to carry around textbooks and a sketchbook and flash drives and watter, even if my bag were totally empty a shoe would distort it from its normal curve around my hip and make it very hard to carry.

Sara's bag, on the other hand, is the perfect shape. A little backpack she sewed out of indigo dye samples, it's a long teardrop that a sneaker fits into perfectly.

About two weeks ago I was lacing up my shoes when one of the eyelets snapped, gaping open. Since then I've been wearing my leather shoes but now that it's not they feel heavy and sweaty every day.

So I needed to get this eyelet repaired, and since I couldn't carry the shoe myself Sara put it in her bag so that we could pull it out the next time we saw a cobbler.

The thing is, we haven't seen a cobbler. We keep having to go downtown to handle this visa stuff (hey we're legal residents again, BTW) and by the time it's done they've all packed up their sewing machines and gone home.

But still, every morning Sara crams that shoe in with her gameboy and her knitting and her book, and carries it around in the hopes that today will be the day.

If you're looking for someone, if you're trying to figure it out, if every time you tried it ended in tears, let me recommend that you start by finding someone who will carry your shoe.

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