Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Hey there Toby, how's the wife? Job going okay? Hey if you don't mind my asking how are the titatnium bolts in your jaw doing?"

I went in to the dental hospital for the 10th time yesterday to get my stitches out. It was the second time I've ever had stitches in my gums, the first time was when a dentist in the states drew these same three teeth about a week before my wedding.

I remember those extractions well for two reasons: one was the fact that, not having insurance, I had called the dentist beforehand to ask what three extractions would cost. After performing the extractions, however, I heard him mumble to his assistant "Mary this was a surgical," and a few minutes later his office explained that since I had needed two sutures this three-minute procedure was a 'surgical extraction' costing three times the stated price.

The second reason I recall the extractions well was because I got really upset at Sara for saying I had "bloody drool" in my beard. My position was, it's coming out of my mouth, of course it's got drool in it. we don't say "yeah he got really sick and now there's vomitty drool everywhere."

Not really sure where I was going with this...


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Anonymous said...

That is pretty wild about your teeth. I never knew that about you. Thank you for the Christmas gift and card; it was wonderful to have something under the tree from all the way around the world. I hope you and Sara continue to have an enjoyable time there.
Everything is well here. The holidays were excellent. It snowed nearly 6 inches here on the valley floor this sunday past. it was beautiful. I was so glad to be living in a house with an actual yard in which i could build a snowman. I guess i kinda miss the white stuff from time to time.
well, do take care of yourselves. I look forward to seeing you both someday.

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