Thursday, January 10, 2008


Six weeks of break starts to day: I begin it fussy and careworn, worried about money. Paying to have titanium bolts screwed in to your jaw turns out to be expensive in any country. And I suppose the best doctor in the best hospital in beijing can't expected to be "cool" about your not having several thousand dollars to pay at the time of first exam. Even if he does have awesome sideburns (pictures later, you can see them around the surgical mask, awesome!).

Come hell or high water though we'll afford a trip to shanghai, and frankly having even the possibility of paying for dental implants is a releif after two years having very little to chew on and nothing to bite with.

Depression can be a powerful thing, and it's doubly tough when you're a little isolated, I won't like to deal with it destitute, but what with tutoring fees and a hoped-for end of term bonus I'm sure it won't come to that.

I am at least taking concrete steps, I emailed the leader of a knitting group last night, and tommorrow I'll look for a Magic Cards tournament (I know, super cool, right?).

Why oh why am I putting this on the internet?

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