Friday, December 28, 2007

Brazilian barbecue

It was the end of term and she'd made everything easy, I took my awesome Chinese Assistant teacher out to a place that advertisers as "Brazilian Barbecue."

Only option: buffet, with a complete salad bar (leafy greans are a rarity) but surprisingly little meat, just a pork-and-sauce thing and and a beef-and-bean thing sitting in chaffing dishes.

I skipped the raw salmon because the place was completely deserted, how long had that salmon been there.

Disappointed of meat, and embarrassed that my Chinese assistant was embarrassed that the place was so expensive, I sat down to have salad and stuff myself with beans in salsa (a first in China).

I noticed on our table a little list, presumably a separate entree that each of us could order. We could check the following:

Flank Steak
Eye Steak
Chicken Heart
Loin Strip
Heart of Loin Strip
Beef Rib
Sirloin Strip
Pork Shin
Pork Loin

I asked her to ask the waitress how we ordered our entree, and she disabused of this "pick one" notion.

Oh no my friend, we were getting EVERYTHING.

Spit after spit of bloody beef, greasy pork, barded chicken hearts and delicately spiced fish, were brought to our table by a cowboy-hatted waiter willing to cut as much as we'd like from each ten-pound hunk.

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