Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pros and Cons

So I'll be going to a dental hospital to get my root canal and implants, but for all the filing, crowning, and bridgework I went to a plain old clinic. They're tiny storefronts where people on the sidewalk can look in and see you in the chair.

1) cost 10% what they would in the US
2) walk in service
3) modern equipment
4) the dentist will photograph every single cavity before and after, to prove that he's actually doing something with all that drilling.
5) removed the stump of a tooth mostly covered by gum without referring me to a dental surgeon or even charging me anything
6) did something at one point that made smoke come out of my mouth.

1) speaks no english
2) doesn't turn off his cell phone
3) will chuckle when you scream in the chair.

Sara asked me what I meant by the chuckle. Was it like he didn't beleive me or what? It's more like "hahaha, okay, you win, I'll stop the agony."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Is #6 really a PRO?
Smoke comes of MY mouth all the time & everybody hates me...

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