Friday, November 2, 2007

New Day

Sorry 'bout the cussing folks, sometimes a man with a mouthful of beautiful teeth has gotta express himself.

The procedures:
Bridge and two crows on the top left
Four joined crowns on the four front top
Three crowns on the top right
Three crowns on the bottom left

possibly one root canal, and then three implants bottom right

and all of it's affordable, all of its available

Five years of pain. Three teeth extracted days before my wedding, hundreds of meals spoilt by a sharp jab as I try to bite down. And it's been years since I've felt the sensual pleasure of really chewing something



Ed said...

Hi Tobe,

Congrats on the choppers. Just started following your blog. Really enjoying it.

zacharyr said...

Toby! I'm so happy for you! This is awesome! Next time I see you we'll have ribs and peanut brittle!

Anonymous said...

xoxso maz

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